Top 4 questions on Physiotherapy answered by YSM Clinic’s Senior Physiotherapist Jude McDowell

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Top 4 questions on Physiotherapy answered by YSM Clinic’s Senior Physiotherapist Jude McDowell

  1. What is physiotherapy? 

Physiotherapy is a profession which optimises physical capability and health in order for individuals to function at their optimum, therefore, improving quality of life. We want our patients to get back to doing everything they wish to do physically. Understanding our patients’ goals and helping them towards it, is our key aim. 

At Yorkshire Sports Medicine our Senior Physiotherapists are experts in rehabilitation. All our physiotherapists have a decade of experience and are specifically hand-picked for their vast experience and depth of knowledge.   Our senior physiotherapists will find out more about the problem, assess, diagnose and design treatment programmes tailored to an individual’s needs and personalised goals. Our extensive team at Yorkshire Sports Medicine enables us to pair you with the correct specialist exactly when you need them, ensuring the highest standard of care. 

        2.     What happens during a session 

 In your initial physiotherapy session, you will have the opportunity to discuss your problem. Fully understanding your problem and your concerns is really important to us, therefore your initial appointment is an hour so that we can focus on you without rushing! Your physiotherapist will ask questions about your symptoms and how your function in everyday life is affected. Following this your movement will be assessed and there may be specific tests performed. Your physiotherapist will then discuss their findings and together you will be able to formulate a treatment plan and goals. You will usually have some exercises to go home with after your first session if appropriate.  

Your follow up sessions will involve tailored rehab exercises and at times some manual therapy. At Yorkshire Sports Medicine we have senior physiotherapists and specialist doctors qualified in other supportive treatments including Shockwave Therapy and Ultrasound guided injections which means we can look to treat most common injuries under one roof. 

       3. How long until I see an improvement 

Everyone is different and results can vary depending on the conditions.  

Our physiotherapists will be able to give you an estimate of how long it will take to improve. This will usually be a step-by-step process which will be explained during your initial consultation.  

If there is no notable improvement with conservative treatment your physiotherapist will discuss alternative options with you and advise as to whether referral for further examination with one of our in-house specialist consultants or doctors is appropriate.  

       4. What to wear to your appointment 

Please wear comfortable clothing. If you are attending with a back or upper limb problem, we do advise that females wear a vest/strap top. For lower limb and lower back assessments we advise wearing shorts. 

You will be able to change prior to your assessment in clinic. If you do not feel comfortable with the above, don’t worry. Our physiotherapists are more than happy to accommodate this. You can also ask for a chaperone if you prefer. For those aged 16 and under we ask for a parent/guardian to be present. 

Yorkshire Sports Medicine (YSM) Clinic offering access to specialist Physiotherapists, Consultant Physicians in Sport and Exercise Medicine, Consultant musculoskeletal radiologist and Sports Massage Therapists. We are a CQC registered clinic run by Health Care Professionals with the patient at the centre of everything we do.  

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