What to expect from a Sports Massage?

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What to expect from a Sports Massage?

Written by Karin Dixon and Olivia Bolsher, Sports Massage Therapists

Yorkshire Sports Medicine resident Sports Massage Therapists, Olivia Bolsher and Karin Dixon, discuss all things regarding what to expect and consider when booking a sports massage.

Sports massage is a form of manual therapy which includes a mixture of deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and soft tissue release. This is different to the typical massage you may receive at a spa, as it is a deeper massage, applying more pressure. Sports massage is effective at decreasing tension within muscle tissue.

The Sports Massage Therapist (SMT) Qualifications

Your SMT should have a minimum of a Level 3 Sports Massage qualification or an undergraduate degree in Sports Therapy or equivalent. 

Your appointment from beginning to end

Your SMT will discuss with you why you have come in for a sports massage and what you would like to achieve from the appointment. This may be general relief from aches and pains or tightness in more specific areas. They will discuss the techniques that they will use throughout your massage, and what you should expect from the treatment. 

Throughout your sports massage, your SMT will continue to make sure that you are okay and that the pressure of the massage is suitable. Your SMT will uphold your privacy and dignity by leaving the room whilst you are removing any necessary clothing and providing a towel to cover up any areas required. 

The massage process

Your SMT will use several techniques throughout a sports massage. To warm up the muscles, they will use techniques known as effleurage and petrisage. These start superficial (light) and gradually the pressure will become firmer as the muscles warm up. Other techniques that our SMT may use during your appointment include soft tissue release, connective tissue lock, frictions and trigger point therapy.

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